Intel, Micron, ADI and others jointly established a semiconductor alliance
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Intel, Micron, Analog Devices Inc (ADI) and MITRE Engenuity announced an agreement to accelerate semiconductor research, development and prototyping to build a stronger America The semiconductor industry, nurturing advanced manufacturing in the United States, and protecting intellectual property in increasingly fierce global competition.

Intel, Micron, ADI, and MITRE Engenuity will actively seek joint participation from industry and experts from all aspects of the U.S. semiconductor ecosystem, including integrated device manufacturers (IDMs); fabless chip companies (Fabless); infrastructure, design and Suppliers of manufacturing tools; and technology innovators from industry and academia.

According to reports, the semiconductor alliance led by MITRE Engenuity developed from the working group in 2021, and its principles have been published in the 'American Innovation for American Growth' (American Innovation for American Growth) white paper, summarizing the alliance's call for action to establish A fair and objective National Semiconductor Technology Center (NSTC).

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