Won the first prize of "Science and Technology Jiangsu" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition
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On October 22, 2021,INGACOM Semiconductor ushered in a glorious moment. As a trend-setter in the field of gallium nitride devices, our CTO Jiang Sheng represented the company to participate in a joint event organized by the Provincial Association for Science and Technology, the Provincial Taiwan Affairs Office, and the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology. The finals of the 'Science and Technology Jiangsu' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in the field of information technology finally stood out among 15 elite project teams with extraordinary strength and detached style and won the first prize! 


In this competition focusing on Jiangsu's key advanced manufacturing clusters, strategic emerging industries, and 6 fields of information technology, equipment manufacturing, new materials, life science, agricultural science and technology, and food science, Jiang Bo brought together 'GaN power devices'. Project” confrontation, from the perspectives of project background introduction, industry status analysis, market prospect forecast, project advantages, characteristics and current achievements, etc., to show the innovation and forward-looking of our project to the judges from multiple perspectives, which is highly in line with the competition’s “technology” The theme of 'Empowering, Creating a Winning Future' won full applause.


Among them, 77 independent patented technologies, which have overcome the problems of existing technical solutions and launched the world's first pin-to-pin sapphire-based gallium nitride technology solution to replace traditional silicon mos, fully demonstrate the high technological content and technical The quick transformation results and the strong talent team left a deep impression on the judges, teachers and investors present!

Jiang Bo's one-shot victory today is by no means lucky or accidental. Since the establishment of INGACOM SEMICONDUCTOR CO., LTD. the goal has been clear, aiming to provide simple, efficient and economical solutions for different power application scenarios, so as to launch a full range of multi-power solutions. Various types of devices are aimed at meeting the design needs of different customers, and they are comparable to the industry leaders in all aspects, and strive to further enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the devices. All of this is inseparable from the correct strategic guidance of the company's leaders, the dedication and hard work of colleagues in the R&D department, and the close cooperation between departments.


'Dapeng rises with the same wind in one day, and soars up to 90,000 miles.' Today's achievements are just the beginning. I believe that in the near future, INGACOM Semiconductor will develop a wider market with products with absolute competitiveness in all aspects. Enter a higher platform! Realize our corporate vision: lead the technological innovation of RF and power semiconductors to serve mankind!

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