Focusing on focus, pragmatic innovation, INGACOM New Year's speech in 2022
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Dear industrial chain partners, shareholders, colleagues and friends:

happy New Year everyone!

In 2021, the mutation of the new coronavirus will continue to sweep the world, bringing some new structural changes to the global semiconductor industry. The market value of high-tech companies led by Tesla in the United States has soared. I also congratulate our peer Navitas on the US NASDAQ and Dongwei Semiconductor Science and Technology Innovation Board. The Shanghai Stock Exchange has passed the review, and we, INGACOM SEMICONDUCTOR CO., LTD., have also completed the A round of financing at the same time.


First of all, our pragmatic and innovative silent insistence is recognized by the industry. After the team's hard work, innovation and hard work, we have made the world's first pin-to-pin compatible silicon CoolMOS TO252 packaged GaN power device, which has improved efficiency, is easy to use, and is the most accessible GaN device. The first prize of the Entrepreneurship Competition, our simultaneous launch of DFN and Hefeng SOP8 products also won unanimous praise from customers. For radio frequency devices, we have also made GaN plastic packaged devices with industry-leading power density, which have been recognized by customers.



Once again, we insist on creating value for our customers, and we would like to thank the customers and friends of Infineon for giving them the opportunity to cooperate with Infineon. We will definitely put customer needs first, and always insist on providing customers with the most cost-effective products and solutions. Create value for customers, give full play to the material advantages of third-generation semiconductors to improve conversion efficiency, save energy and reduce emissions, and provide the best solutions for global carbon up-front and carbon neutrality.

Finally, we have established strategic synergy with industry chain partners. GaN power devices, RF devices and SiC devices have all established strategic partners. Thanks to our partners for their strong support, including our Fab, packaging and testing resources, and industry chain partners, we will definitely grow together and strive to achieve our industry leading strategic goals.

2022 has begun, the new energy market continues to heat up, global technological collaboration and competition will become the main theme of future world development, the global new crown epidemic has not hindered the development of China and the global economy, China's semiconductor development has ushered in the best era, INGACOM Semiconductor The team will continue to work silently, step by step, to better serve our customers and users.

Focus on focus, pragmatic innovation! Thank you again for your concern and support to Yingjiatong Semiconductor, and the friends of INGACOM SEMICONDUCTOR CO., LTD. wish you a happy Chinese New Year, good health, a happy family, and a prosperous Year of the Tiger!

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Focusing on focus, pragmatic innovation, INGACOM New Year's speech in 2022
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