Step on the south of colorful clouds, find the answer to your dreams!
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In midsummer, everything is on display

Although at the beginning of 2020, the world seemed to have pressed the pause button and was in the midst of the panic of the epidemic and the suspension of work and classes, but the pace of Infineon has never stopped. Even in the seemingly gloomy days, we still keep moving forward. In the past six months, one after another aspiring teenagers joined Yingjiatong and formed our big family.

For cohesion, for poetry and distance. A long-planned trip to the 'South of Colorful Clouds' has begun with vigour.

【From unfamiliar to familiar】


In Jiatong's colleagues work in Suzhou and Shenzhen respectively, and some colleagues have never met. This group building is the first collective meeting of partners from Suzhou and Shenzhen. Everyone is very excited, and there is a kind of excitement that netizens are about to appear.

This trip is divided into two places, four seasons spring city Kunming and Fenghuaxueyue Dali, meet in Kunming, and set off to Dali together!


The first time we met everyone seemed to be very serious, but this may not be the real 'we'

Backed by the rolling Cangshan Mountains, we took a jeep for a pleasant trip around the island. Perhaps the speed and beauty of the team made the team members lose their unfamiliarity and added more tacit understanding.

Flying dust, wild jeep racing, crossing the sea of flowers, freedom like the wind.


Climb into the jeep, it's the most beautiful cub on this street

[As long as the footsteps don't stop, the beauty is ahead]


There is not only the passion of jeeps here, but also because of Yang Liping's amorous feelings, so when it comes to Yunnan, most people will think of Yang Liping, the dancer who was born in Yunnan and famous for the peacock dance, the artist who integrates dance into life.


Nanshao Fengqing Island, do we also have a little bit of amorous feelings today?

The high temperature of 30 degrees and the ultraviolet rays in Yunnan really made us a little overwhelmed, but because of the humor and laughter between colleagues, these became trivial things that can be ignored.


After experiencing the speed and style, we also saw the famous Chongsheng Temple, which is an excellent place for devout Buddhist believers. Everyone was touched by the quiet and divine atmosphere in the temple, and especially remembered the experience of everyone lining up to step on the auspicious clouds on the Mahavira Hall.

Here, each of us has left our most sincere wishes, hoping that every little dream can be answered.

PS: no photos here

[In that river and lake, we also have a dream]

The expectations for Tianlong Babu Film and Television City reached a small climax of this team building. Along the way, everyone discussed the characters, moves and plots of Tianlong Babu. I can't wait to find the scene in the play and have a time-space encounter with the knights.

In the rivers and lakes written by Jin Yong, a pot of wine and a laugh have been in sorrow and joy for decades, and a sword and a robe have a lifetime of love and hatred. But the world is very big and the rivers and lakes are very small. In real life, in the rivers and lakes that belong to us, we Yingjiatong will practice the six-pulse sword of radio frequency and become the sweeper of power semiconductors!



It is said that familiarity begins with a nickname, this is the 'Three Musketeers'

【Live up to your youth, live up to your encounter】

In just 5 days, we have shortened the distance and allowed us to move forward bravely towards the same goal. I think one person is the protagonist, then a group of people is the legend. The group building trip is not only to visit the great rivers and mountains of the motherland, but also because of the participation of all members, everyone can feel the warmth of the collective, which is an indispensable part of an excellent team.

After all, the romantic scene in Dali is a legend. We reluctantly bid farewell to each other at the airport and look forward to the next meeting. When we return to the place where we are chasing our dreams, Yingjiatong will continue to face the wind, embrace the rainbow, and rush forward bravely.

Step on the south of the colorful clouds and find the answer to your dreams.

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